Auswel Resources is a marketer of Iron Ore supplying the seaborne markets of Asia.

We are looking to secure both short term and long term Iron Ore Offtake Agreements.

We are experienced in facilitating trading arrangements that achieve the best result for both the Buyer and Supplier.

Auswel is an environmentally aware company and recommends responsible post mining care to restore affected sites by Economic Tailings Rehabilitation:

The disposal of toxic mine tailings is one of the most discussed environmental issue in the mining industry due to its costly treatment and its ability to develop into an environmental hazard. One solution for these leftover materials is a clean and cheap solution known as bioleaching.

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Key Specifications


Chemical Composition
(Dry Basis)
Base Tolerance
Iron(Fe) 57% minimum
SiO2 + Al2O3
(5.5% + 2.5%)
+ 2% Further
subject to
Phosphorous(P) 0.05% + 0.05%
Sulfur(S) 0.05% + 0.01%


Volumes Initial volumes starting at 3m Tonnes per Annum.
Additional tonnage requirements are subject to negotiation.
Term Ranging from short term purchases up to 5 years per Offtake Agreement.


Sales commission and supplier rebates are negotiable on commercial terms. Entitlements can be paid, held and/or invested in accordance with the recipient’s instructions.

Please contact us for further discussions on pricing, payment methods or should your Iron Ore requirements be outside of the above specifications.