Auswel Resources is a marketer of export thermal (steaming) coal supplying the seaborne markets of Asia.

Our Procurement team has
many years experience in coal procurement and quality assurance in this field. We are able to supply a range of coal qualities that will meet the needs of all customer requirements.

Key Specifications

Please download the full specifications here.

Specification Range
Total Moisture (ARB)
8% – 40%
Inherent Moisture (ADB)
4% – 20%
Ash Content (ADB)
6% – 16%
Sulphur Content (ADB)
<1% Max
Volatile matter (ADB)
35 – 45 %
Fixed Carbon (ADB)
By Difference
Hardgrove Index (HGI)
38 – 52+
Size mm
0 – 50mm 90%
Available Gross Calorific Value Range – Kcal/Kg


Volumes Initial Volumes starting at 50,000Mt per Month, up to 3,000,000 Mt per year.
Further Scope for additional tonnage.
Term Immediate commencement of supply available.
Terms ranging from ‘one off’ shipments through to 5 year Direct Supply Agreements.


Sales commission and supplier rebates are negotiable on commercial terms. Entitlements can be paid, held and/or invested in accordance with the recipient’s instructions.

Please contact us for further discussions on pricing, payment methods or should your Thermal Coal requirements be outside of the above specifications.